Friday, 17 July 2015

The Short Goodbye

It has been a long time since my last blog, in which time I've had a good half dozen half-written blogs that never made it to full fruition.

I've been struggling increasingly with the fact that I don't enjoy playing Netrunner.  The initial excitement of rediscovering the game and the new cards quite quickly gave way to the feelings of frustration that led me to quit the game last year.  I cycled through a dozen different deck archetypes, both on Runner and Corp side, hoping that something would stick that I found interesting but it hasn't happened.  From Industrial Genomics and Cybernetics Division to Near-Earth Hub and Replicating Perfection I've tried my hand at a wide range of Corporation decks and found them all stifled by the restrictions placed on Corp deckbuilding by the mechanics of the game (including Agendas, the need to defend critical weaknesses on HQ and R&D).  On the runner side there was definitely more freedom to make varied decks that worked, which I think we've seen in the Regionals results, but I still felt ultimately that they were quite similar and led to repetitive games.

I'm going to close down the Satellite Uplink, and I'm afraid it will be for good this time as I'm selling my cards on tomorrow in order to ensure I don't suffer another relapse further down the line.

While that's sad news I'd rather leave Netrunner before I start to really dislike it, and all I'm really doing is transferring my time and energy into the relaunched 2nd Edition of the A Game of Thrones LCG, which hopefully hits shops next month.  I've already set up the skeleton of my new blog about that game: The Old Gods and the New and look forward to exploring that game as it's released.

Those also interested in the new A Game of Thrones LCG are more than welcome to join me in Westeros.

For those who I am leaving in the Android universe then thank you for your time, thank you for reading my blog, and may the Psi be ever in your favour!

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