Thursday, 10 April 2014

"Half of North America just lost their Facebook"

The Satellite Uplink will be shutting down.  Like George Clooney in Gravity, I'm detaching the cable and drifting off to admire the view.

I've enjoyed my time playing Android: Netrunner and greatly enjoyed writing this blog, but I think my time with the game is ending.

I didn't blog much throughout the Store Championships because I was playing and thinking about the game so intently.  Unfortunately that seems to have been my undoing - I played in 5 Store Championships over 6 weeks and somewhere along the line I simply overdosed on Netrunner and stopped enjoying it.

My Store Championship journey was a very positive one - each event was 20+ players with 5 rounds of Swiss and I made Top 4 in all but the last one, which is a record I'm proud of.  But for all my winning ways by the last two Store Championships I was making a lot of mistakes and losing games that I shouldn't have lost.  Analysing why those mistakes had started to creep into my game told me something important: I'd stopped caring.  

I was no longer enjoying playing Netrunner, I was no longer interested in the games, and as a result I was sleepwalking into bad situations and bad decisions.  My knee jerk reaction was to quit the game and sell my cards but enough people gave me sage advice to take a break and recharge that I decided to do so.  However several weeks down the line I find that I still have no enthusiasm for the game.  There are no decks I want to build, no cards I want to experiment with, no identities I want to explore, and no matchups I want to play.

I think that means it's time to leave.

This may well not be my final blog, though.  One of the ironies is that as much as I'm bored of Netrunner I still enjoy writing about the game and I remain very proud of this blog, so even though I don't enjoy playing any more there may be a few things I find time to write about before I finally turn the lights off.

If so I hope you'll continue to do me the honor of reading my words.