Monday, 3 March 2014

[Spoiler] Quandary

A real quickie this one, but after I spent so long writing about the various types of Ice it seemed rude to ignore that a fantastic piece of Binary ETR Ice has just been spoiled for the next Data Pack.

Aww!  Look how cute the little Data Kitten is!

Quandary may look innocuous but for just a single credit you get to send the Runner scrambling for their Yog.0 or Gordian Blade and investing far more money in getting past.  

Many decks were playing a set of Enigma as basically their only Code Gates and to most intents and purposes Quandary is an improvement.  There are some situations where the lower Strength of Quandary is a definite downside (Parasite, Atman) but in most circumstances Quandary will give you 95% of the value you get from Enigma at just 33% of the cost and, unlike Paper Wall, if the runner's Icebreaker ever gets trashed the Quandary will switch back 'On' and return to blocking runs.

I expect to see Quandary cropping up in quite a few Corp decks, particularly the rush versions.