Friday, 24 January 2014

It Came From The Web

Somewhere along the way my blog posts have become monsters.  1,000 words became 1,500, became 2,000, became 3,000... the Godzilla of blogs trampling through Tokyo, leaving me battered and exhausted in its wake.

I'm going to try and mix it up a bit more so that I'm not left feeling like I can't post anything shorter than War & Peace.  I'll still churn out plenty of big pieces but I'll also try to throw out more 'nuggets' of good Netrunner stuff that either occur to me, or which I find scattered in various corners of the internet.

Today I'm going to point you to three things I've found which are very different, and for very different reasons.

1 - Agenda 7

Agenda7 is a Canadian blog/podcast combo that tackle a whole range of subjects and is definitely worth adding to your regular trawls for good Netrunner info and insight.  In the interests of transparency I only found their site because somebody told me that this blog got namechecked on their latest podcast, but if you like somebody then does it really matter how you were first introduced?

I would return the favor by mentioning them anyway but I'm more than happy to do so because I really enjoyed listening in to their show.  My coverage writing career began when I was fortunate enough to be a part of Rich Hagon beginning his stratospheric rise to the Pro Tour booth with a humble 4-man podcast called MoxRadio so I know the Agenda7 format well and know it's an easy one to get wrong, but I thought they did a great job. 

Well worth a read and a listen!

2 - OnoSendai

OnoSendai is a new card database/search tool that has just been launched and it is very swish.  I know a lot of people use the tool on CardGameDB, and although I use CGDB's deckbuilder I've always preferred NetrunnerDB for simply finding cards and answering mid-deckbuild questions like "what cards do damage that I've forgotten about?" or "I've got an Influence left to spend, what only costs 1 Influence?".

On first analysis OnoSendai is more like NetrunnerDB, although there is a promised deckbuilder coming soon.  Many of the functionalities are similar between the two sites but the OnoSendai interface is super-slick and intuitive, with the usual grid of cards updating live as you change filters instead of going away to run a search, and a nifty Itunes-style horizontal card flicking option.  A really nice touch is that the Ice and Icebreakers come with a second tab that provides you with the cost required to either break Ice, or be broken by Icebreakers, which gives you a really quick and clear way of comparing cards.

A deckbuilder tool is coming and I'm sure there will be a host of little improvements to come.  For a debut version OnoSendai is very impressive and well worth a look.

3 -  Fear In My Heart's Cyber-Future

Posted as part of the Imaginary Funerals project this piece might well be a one-off - I don't know if the author intends on writing more about Netrunner in future - but this was a nice little piece I found posted on Reddit earlier today.  It's not strategy.  It's not insight.  It's not card reviews.  It's just a really nicely written piece about playing Netrunner.  

I've felt that same fire many times in different games and I just thought this would resonate with many of you.  It's certainly a fitting follow-up to my self improvement Blog last time out.  If you can combine this guy's passion for the game with the lessons I dished out you're going to set yourself up to achieve good things.